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My name is Scott Coleman. I am an American living in Edinburgh, Scotland, working on my final year of a Software Engineering degree.

I develop software for mobile and web and run an IT consulting business. When not developing software I am a photographer using traditional film and darkroom printing.

All of my work is done with a Rolleiflex TLR using both black & white and colour films. My photographs have been of candid subjects taken from urban settings. I produce prints of my photos in the darkroom and have been experimenting with alternative print methods which I hope to incorporate into my work in the future.

Visit my photography portfolio website at

After working many years in I.T. and launching a startup(RIP), I went back to school. I use many different tools but mainly develop in Ruby and Objective-C.

I produce software under the name /

Visit me on github @/dscoleman.

Coming soon:

Metriculate - Self-hosted A/B testing service of native iOS.

BookPlover iOS app and webservice.

Attribu Rails gem.